Fishing at the Bay

The Forgotten Coast is home to some of the world’s best Tarpon Fishing and it’s no secret that fisherman from all over travel to our shores at St James Bay for the thrill of jumping one. From grouper to snapper to redfish to triple tail, we have it all right here at the Bay. Contact us today for more about our Gulf Coast Fishing Charters and the network of captains we have partnered with locally to provide you with the best fishing expedition in the state of Florida.

Gated Boat parking is available with charging and washing station on site.  Fishermen enjoy our luxurious condominiums after a long day on the water, while our Chef prepares their catch of the day right in our restaurant here on property.  Jump in the pool to wash the saltwater off and enjoy what most fishermen dream of after a long hot day battling Cobia!

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